Email Distribution

Email Distribution

Email Distribution is a feature that enables support reps to "close the loop" and respond to customers via email without having to login to Salesforce. 

Email Distribution Use Case:
A support agent, Jim, has been working with a customer, Amy, all morning. Jim responds to Amy with a question, and while he awaits her answer, he leaves his desk to go to lunch. While away from his desk, Jim receives an email on his mobile device that there is new correspondence from Amy, and he needs to respond to her quickly. Jim does not have time to log in to Salesforce, and does not have his laptop with him. Thankfully, Jim's company uses Email to Case Premium (E2CP), and has Email Distribution installed and enabled. Jim responds to Amy via email on his mobile device, which captures his response in Salesforce without exposing his personal email address... as if he was at his desk the whole time. 

Navigate to the Outbound Configuration page of the setup wizard to enable and configure Email Distribution for your organization.
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Email Distribution is disabled by default

Note: Email Distribution now comes included as part of the main Email to Case Premium package starting in version 5.0. The extension package previously offered will no longer be maintained or supported. For those customers utilizing the extension package previously offered, we recommend the following course of action.

1. Check to see which version of Email to Case Premium you currently have installed by navigating to Setup | Build | Installed Packages.
2. If the version you have installed predates version 5.0, please upgrade to the latest version off of the AppExchange.
3. After confirming version 5.0 or newer is installed in your Salesforce Org, please uninstall the Email Distribution extension package. Additional information on how to uninstall can be found in the following knowledge article.

There is no additional configuration required after uninstalling the Email Distribution extension package. All existing settings associated with this feature will be retained and will continue to function within the main Email to Case Premium package.

Read on for more information regarding the features, limitations, and best practices with Email Distribution.
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