Case Feed

Case Feed

The first step in setting up and configuring Email to Case Premium (E2CP) is identifying if your organization uses the Original Case Layout or Case Feed.
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Important: With Case Feed Layout selected, Email to Case Premium will never insert Case Comments in Salesforce. With Case Feed enabled in Salesforce (Support Settings), feed items are automatically inserted for every Case Comment and Email Message. E2CP does not insert Case Comments which prevents duplicate Feed Items from Email Messages and their corresponding Case Comments.

To successfully use Case Feed in conjunction with Email to Case Premium please ensure the following:
  • Select Case Feed Layout on the Setup Page.
  • Ensure you are Using a "Feed-Based" Case Page Layout.
  • Enable Case Feed Actions and Feed Items through Case Support Settings.
    • To access your Case Support Settings, navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Cases | Support Settings.
  • Add the "Answer Customer" Action to your page layout.
    • To access your page layouts, navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Cases | Page Layouts.
  • Ensure email deliverability is set to "All Email" in your Org via Setup | Administer | Email Administration | Deliverability.
  • Ensure that all Case Feed enabled Page Layouts have been converted off of the "Page Layouts for Case Feed Users" section into the main "Case Page Layouts" section per the following Salesforce help and training article: Convert Page Layouts for Case Feed Users to Case Page Layouts.
Email to Case Premium does not support mixed environments where some users use Case Feed and others do not.

For more information on Case Feed, review this Salesforce help and training article: Case Feed Overview.

Please upvote the following Success Community idea for a DML Option to disable automated Feed Item creation.
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