Organization Wide / Selective Processing

Organization Wide / Selective Processing

When Organization Wide is enabled, Case Flags will work with all Cases in the organization. If Case Flags is only to be used for specific cases (by origin, type, record type, etc.) you can disable Organization Wide and enable Cases based on criteria using workflow or other automation.
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Configure Selective Processing
  • Disable the Organization Wide setting within the General Setup section of the setup wizard by unchecking the box.
  • Set up a workflow or Apex trigger to set the "Enable Case Flags" checkbox field to True based on specified criteria for only those Cases that should be processed. You will also need to include a second field update to set the Case Flag Date/Time field to "NOW()" to actually Set the Flag on Case Creation. 
Note: The second workflow action is needed because the Case Flags trigger that typically sets the flag on case creation runs before the Enable Case Flags field update so it is unable to set the flag. 

Example: if you want to enable Case Flags for all Cases where Type = Series A Widgets, you could do so by creating a Workflow Rule and Field Update.

To start, go to Create | Workflow & Approvals | Workflow Rules and click New Rule.
  • Select Case as the object from the drop-down list and click Next.

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  • Enter a Rule Name, and optionally enter a Description.
  • Under Evaluation Criteria, select "created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria".
  • Under Rule Criteria, next to Run this rule if the following, select "criteria are met".
  • Next select Case: Type Equals Series A Widgets
  • Click Save & Next.

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  • From the picklist box under Immediate workflow Actions, select "New Field Update".

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  • Give the new field update a Name (ex: Check Enable Case Flags), Unique Name, and optionally a Description.
  • From the picklist next to Field to Update select "Enable Case Flags".
  • More options will display: check the Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change box.
  • Under Checkbox Options, select "True".
  • Click Save & New.
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  • Give the new field update a Name (ex: Set Flag to Now), Unique Name, and optionally a Description.
  • From the picklist next to Field to Update select "Case Flag Date/Time".
  • More options will display: check the Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change box.
  • Select the "Use a formula to set the new value" bubble, and specify "NOW()".
  • Under Checkbox Options, select "True".
  • Click Save and New.
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  • Click Done.
  • Now simply Activate the Workflow Rule.
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