Auto Add New Contacts

Auto Add New Contacts

Email to Case Premium (E2CP) has the ability to create New Contacts in your Org, and associate them with an Account.

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  • Contacts will be created for email addresses included on incoming emails which do not match a Contact, User, or Lead (see note) already in your organization.
Please Note:
  • If a Lead lookup exists on case, a contact record will not be created for Leads that are the sender of the initial case creation email. Instead, the lead lookup will be set.
  • When enabled, Contacts may also be created for emails processed via standard Email-to-Case.
  • This setting is disabled by default.

Record Type
  • This feature is optional and only appears in organizations that support record types.
  • Newly created contacts can be given a specific record type.
  • You must first create a Record Type
    • Navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Contacts
    • If no Contact Record Types have been previously set, the text “There are no contact record types” will appear in this step.

Enable Account Lookup
  • If the domain portion of the email address matches a single account's Website address, that Account will be used when the new Contact is created.
  • Organizations with more than 100,000 accounts may have to disable this feature due to Salesforce governor limits and query selectivity. 
Example: if sends an email to your support team, and that email address does not match a Contact, User or Lead, and an existing Account called Internet Creations has the standard website field set to, the Contact would be automatically created and related that account.
  • If the domain of the email can not be matched to an existing Account’s website field, the Contact will be created in a default account (see below).
  • This setting is disabled by default.

Ignore Email Subdomains
  • If the domain portion of the email address includes a subdomain, it will be ignored when checking for a matching account. For example, will be matched to an account with the Website set to

Enable Auto Add New Lead
  • When configured, Email to Case Premium (E2CP) creates Leads instead of Contacts when the Contact would otherwise be associated with the Default account. This pilot feature is not exposed on the Wizard.  For enablement, please contact support by visiting
    • You must have or add a lookup relationship from Case to Lead.
    • Auto-Add New Contacts and Account Lookup must be enabled.
    • When configured, E2CP will only insert contacts when Account Lookup is enabled and they can be associated with an account.
    • If someone sends in an email and CCs others that cannot be linked to an account based on domain, they will be orphaned Leads because Case Team Members does not support leads.
Lead Source
  • Leads created from the Auto Add New Leads setting can be automatically set with a Lead Source defined in this setting.

Default Account
  • Contacts inserted must have an account specified or they will be private. For details see:
  • If no account matches are found, or if multiple account matches are found, newly created Contacts will be placed in a single default Account where they can re-associated if desired.
  • If Account Lookup is disabled then this default Account will be used for all new Contacts.
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